The radiator of your car is at the heart of its cooling mechanism. Your car is most likely to get overheated when its radiator doesn’t function normally. And if you get stuck in a traffic jam with a bad radiator, you are bound to face hard times!

But what leads to the problems in the functioning of a radiator? In many cases, radiator gets choked up, leading to a disruption in the water flow. In other cases, it can get rusted, which hinders air ventilation. Coolant leaking from the radiator is also one of the major problems faced by car owners.

Some widely-witnessed car radiator faults and their causes are listed below.


Electrolysis is a process through which deposits get accumulated over radiator’s interior – this happens due to the usage of unclean/mineral-laden water in a cooling system. In order to fix this problem, radiator cleaners are used. And in some cases a brush or a rod is also required.

Radiator Fan Damage

If your car’s radiator fan is not fitted properly, it can certainly land you in a fix. Because in this case the fan is most likely to rub against the radiator’s cores and can badly damage them. This will gradually reduce the cooling efficiency of your car and can also cause leaks. And in order to rest assured about your radiator fan, you must check them periodically.

Radiator Core Deterioration

Your car runs miles everyday and is exposed to rain, dirt and what not! This can gradually rust or damage the cores of your car’s radiator. So as to increase its life, you must clean it periodically and get it inspected from professionals.